"Music & Peace" the theme of the Chieti Festival 2006, Italy

When I performed during the Chieti Festival in ’06, the theme of their festival was “MUSIC & PEACE.”
Below is the statement I contributed at their request.

Singing, musical sound-vibration, is our original language; whales and dolphins, swimming the ocean depths, communicated by singing eons before Man wandered on land; what's more, Man probably conversed melodiously, using guttural sounds, before developing a verbal language.

Today, science has proven that organic and animal life thrives when surrounded by acoustic music that isn’t too dissonant; furthermore, scientists agree that music calms the mind. The right hemisphere of every brain is in flow with the universe and craves peace, while the left side prefers action and categorical thought; the left side has been well educated while the right sphere of most everyone has been neglected. For an Albert Einstein or J.S. Bach, the circuitry of both hemispheres is highly developed; thus, the unique mind; the most powerful apparatus ever known.

Every day since the end of the second world-war, “the war to end all wars,” man has been engaged in warfare on some part of this planet. Regrettably, the war-industry creates profits so quickly that the voracious, who love collecting money above all else can not resist the temptation of speculating on financial markets; consequently, war generates wealth; the system is the problem.

Yet today, a few compassionate people are making great differences within their populace; Daniel Bahrenboim conducts an orchestra composed of young Arab and Israeli musicians who work side by side in peace; they throw no rocks.

I´m of the opinion that answers can be found for all problems that we are confronted with, in our present period, just by scrutinizing history; one example: Plato thought the study of music made people more law abiding and as citizens, they would make an improvement in the society.

Without doubt, performing music with others contributes to a feeling of enlightenment and whoever is enlightened is at peace with mankind.

Walter Norris 10 XII ’ 06 Berlin

In celebration of my seventy- fifth solar-orbit, a promotional DVD clip will soon be included here.

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